What should i fix first on fixer upper?

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It's a good idea to start with the structure and take care of items such as electricity, which can be a potential fire hazard, as well as plumbing problems so as not to have major problems or damage in the future. Obviously, the overall remodeling process of a home is much easier when you're not occupying the house, but there are still some guidelines that can make things easier. The first thing to do is tear down the walls or “gut” the house. This will give you access to wiring, insulation, and windows. You may also need to check the gutters are functioning well. Clogged gutters might cause an electrical problem if there are some leaks from the ceiling or walls. You can hire a professional gutter cleaning service like Gutter Cleaning Norfolk VA, they can inspect the gutters and see if it just needs some cleaning or replacement. 

If you know that all three are in good condition, you can do without this step, but more often you'll want to work from scratch. Replace and possibly update the wiring. The insulation should be as thick as possible and do not forget to insulate it around the windows. Since you already have your walls knocked down, now is also the best time to replace those windows.

Finally, think about the floor and whether you want to change or replace the material. Once you've done these basic renovations, you can finish the house however you want without worrying about disrupting anyone's life. MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service (not Major League Soccer) and is an excellent resource for tall repair cameras.

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